1: Our Collective

Our collective was founded in 2018. It consists of visual artists living & working in Greece & Cyprus.

2: Our Members

Our collective consists of 14 visual artists, and its founder and art curator Paris Kapralos.

3: Current Exhibition

A digital exhibition on the visual imprint of the pandemic April 20 - May 20, 2021

Media & Publicity

The impact of our projects & actions as reflected in the media, from our foundation until today.

4: Our Actions

Our collective presents exhibitions, develops actions and articulates a number of topics.

5: Open Calls

We encourage synergies, we are open to proposals, ideas & partnerships in the wider field of arts.


At the outbreak of the pandemic, in the Spring of 2020, we started an ongoing dialogue project of artists to take actions with a substantial address to society, with the aim of co-shaping actions.


This is a constant project with which we are looking for the new idiom of art that will allow it to effectively address the era, combining forces from every field of art and human intellect...