ARC -Art Revisited Collective is an art collective founded in May 2018 by artists and the Athenian art curator Paris Kapralos in Thessaloniki. It soon included members from various parts of Greece and Cyprus. The collective is active mainly in Greece, is independent and self-financed. It presents a variety of activities, organizes its own exhibitions, participates in international events and from time to time collaborates with other groups, collectives, curators, venues, but also artists from all over the arts and around the world.

The collective embraces every kind and style of art. Paris Kapralos has a co-ordinating, managerial and organizational role, and in this context he develops tools for the whole team and for each artist - member individually, identifies and explores opportunities, establishes strategic collaborations, etc. Members of the collective share their ideas freely. In the context of their participation, the artists do not undertake any obligation that will deprive them of opportunities that will be given to them by other parties. Most members have made significant personal progress in the field of art on their own and they sport a fine career, as has their co-founder, before launching the collective as a vehicle. Through it, they join forces in joint projects and often respond in their own way to each other, individually and collectively, to the challenges of our time.

The expressed vision of ARC -Art Revisited Collective is to address art in society and the constant feedback through a meaningful dialogue about the problems of our time. In view of the fact that art must maintain a dialectical relationship with developments, we believe that we should build an influential artistic proposal with a substantial social address. We must create new symbols to serve the present; we agree that the role of Art is not to "caress the public", but we disagree that its role is to distance itself by displaying only miserable dystopias, ending in decisive judgments as an isolated priesthood of innocent and infallible judges . We propose a functional Art that approaches known issues in original ways, illuminates their lesser known aspects and challenges everyone to active engagement and action to improve our coexistence.

It's focus is on the individual, the collective, and the total in an inseparable unity. Our agenda includes issues of personal, social & ecological coexistence, philosophical prosperity, and cultural development. From 2020 onwards, its actions are part of two ongoing initiatives.

The first is "NEW SYMBOLS" -a project which is the result of a dialogue between art curators Paris Kapralos & art theorist Iason Kairofyla with members of the collective, which culminated during the quarantine of covid-19, and resulted in a decision for a series of actions for promotion of the dialectical relationship of Man with the Historical Conjuncture. Details HERE .

The second is the project ARTSTS4ART that kicked in from a long dialogue of Paris Kapralos with the artist Kalianthi Vogdopoulou. The project aims at examining the direct involvement of Art with Greek society. Details HERE.

ARC -Art Revisited Collective firmly believes in synergies. Therefore, the collective is open to proposals for partnerships and any kind of cooperation. They often issue invitations of interest to participate in our actions, and seek participation in notable third-party events. They encourage you to contact us if you have an idea or suggestion that you would like us to implement together.


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