CONCLUDED - The ARC - Art Revisited Collective, as part of the Artists4art initiative, invites artists to participate in the exhibition organized by "WHAT WILL THE PEOPLE SAY? "


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The ARC - Art Revisited Collective, in the framework of the Artists4art initiative, invites artists to participate in the exhibition organized by "WHAT WILL THE WORLD SAY?"


The exhibition will be presented in physical form in a well-known art space in the center of Thessaloniki. The exhibition is curated and based on a concept & documentation co-signed by Curator Paris Kapralos and Installation Artist Kalianthi Vogdopoulou.

Interested artists should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., writing at the subject line "WHAT THE WORLD WILL SAY", the following:

(1) photos of 3-6 features of their recent works (they do not have to be the ones to be included in the exhibition, but it is not excluded at all),

(2) a statement (written text in a text file, ie .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf) on the topics that concern them, or alternatively that they consider that their works converse with the subject of the report ,

(3) CV and contact details (email, mobile)

We undertake to respond to all submissions with the sole condition that they be complete and include everything we request.

Theme of the exhibition - conceptual framework
Visual artists exhibit their work hoping for an honest commentary that will allow them to improve, but above all to launch a productive dialogue touching on key social issues, ethical, philosophical and other issues. Their efforts often fall short, as the public rarely responds: rudeness, formality, conservatism inhibit the expression of opinion in public. On the other hand, gossip, negative comments, but also many truths are expressed more easily on Social Media, and with the expectation of a potential impact on thousands of people.

In this report we will do an experiment: we will offer the general public the opportunity to comment through our page at Facebook each of the artists that will be included in our exhibition, his works, but also the key issues that will be raised, the exhibition itself and even its organizers, with the comments of the public being displayed on the internet, where they will remain, and after its end.

At the same time, we ask artists to contribute works that touch on all that many are whispering about, while they should speak loudly.

Who can take part in the exhibition
Visual artists, artist groups and collectives.

What works can be exhibited
The exhibition will prefer works of art that address key social issues, promote opinion and foster social dialogue. Posted works (indicative but not exclusively: paintings, engravings, photographs, wall constructions), floor works, sculptures, video art, other forms of digital art.

Attention: Due to the measures taken by the State to limit the spread of COVID-19, unfortunately we can not host a performance in this action!

Organization of the exhibition
The exhibition will take place with the physical presence of people and her works in an art space of Thessaloniki. At the same time, all the works of the exhibition and those involved will be displayed on the internet separately with their works by the Communication Sponsors but also by the Facebook Page that will host the entire exhibition during and after, since, every post or publication will stay online forever. However, due to the special circumstances, emphasis will be placed on electronic means of dissemination and promotion, in parallel with the exhibition, while the possibility of conducting and public debate on the spot and / or via the internet is being considered. In addition, it is noted that an electronic catalog will be published available after the start of the exhibition in Greek and English, etc.




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