Before the end of Alcyonides Days
As part of our ongoing project Artists4Art, we invited 10 visual artists with a variety of means of expression to compose with members of our collective works of targeted reflection on key & urgent environmental issues. The exhibition was scheduled for January 2021, but was postponed due to pandemic measures. New exhibition date: 14 - 26 June 2021.
The Inner Self
The Founder and Coordinator of our collective Art Curator Paris Kapralos, in collaboration with Art Therapist Elena Tonikidi, three members of the ARC -Art Revisited Collective and two guest artists collaborated on an original experimental project to trace artistic creation route in the psyche of the artist. The result of the 5-month process was presented in an exhibition in July 2019 in Athens. Click on the title for detailed information.
Athens Portfolio Review
Following a juried process of its members, the collective organized an exhibition with works by 10 visual artists, candidates to become new members, asking the Athenian art-loving public to participate openly in the process. The exhibition took place in April 2019 in Athens. Click on the title for detailed information.
The Lobby Project
"Lobby Art" has been called since the 60's decorative works of art that aim to make the stay in public areas more pleasant. In this context, simple, enjoyable projects are preferred. "The Lobby Project" proposes through carefully selected works an art that without "kicking" anyone, gives food for thought. It was presented in the corridors of the Capsis Thessaloniki Conference Center in December 2018. Click on the title for detailed information.